Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 3

Amy’s observations about Switzerland are here. Loved that red sparkly dress. Can I get away with that for graduation?

Right, so I get to discuss Blue representing the UK. And their song is called I Can.

They’re no worse than anyone else that has represented us recently. But it makes me sad that I band I used to make up dances to in my best friend’s conservatory (using the tiles as guides for awesome dance moves!) has now sunk so low. But sadly it’s not 2001 anymore; times are hard and we’ve all got to take jobs that we’re over-qualified for.

They need more space between the ‘I’ and the ‘Can’ in the background. Oh and how I have missed Lee Ryan’s ridiculously high pitched voice. Apparently he’s been boasting about this gig in taxis across London to unimpressed/not bothered taxi drivers. Bit of insider gossip for you there.

I have also missed their matching-ish outfits so reminiscent of bands in my teens. What is with Duncan’s scarf though?And why are they all not wearing shirts under their jackets/waistcoats?

The song is very typical Blue though. Which is good if only for nostaligia’s sake. I wonder if they will properly get back together?


I am going to Moldova on my next holiday. Their hats have persuaded me. Check out what Amy thought here. Also I understand if this whole Amy/Amy thing is getting confusing for you!

We’re back with Lena from Germany. Back to her gothy ways. I bet she’s the German Cheryl Cole. They have the same hair. I wish I could do my eye make up like that without smudging it all over my face.

Bit of a fetish vibe to those outfits. Maybe she’s been taking tips from Sweden.

This isn’t as good as last year, but she still seems pretty popular. Will probably be in the top few I reckon.


Romania was very upbeat. I like people who want to change the world. It makes me worry less about having to do it myself. Also he had awesome stripy trousers. Eric’s opining on Romania as a stand in here.

So here’s Nadine with ‘The Secret is Love’ from Austria. What is with all these young people writing songs and being on Eurovision. I know it’s not the best gig ever but it makes me feel bad for doing nothing with my life. The beginning sounds a bit plagarised from ‘I Will Always Love You’ though. Or maybe that’s just all ballads sounding the same to me.

Okay, I just dropped off for a minute there. Totally wasn’t paying attention. It’s like Leona Lewis, very beautiful and talented but a little dull.


8 Comments on “Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 3”

  1. theafterwordreview says:

    yes, deffo on the red dress!

  2. theafterwordreview says:

    Also, Eric pointed out Simon’s minimal input. We fully expected him to end the performance with ‘uh-yeaaaah’ xxx

  3. Paul says:

    Yeah, but did you see that guy’s arms?! He is packing some serious pythons! 😉

  4. I stand corrected. I hear ‘python’, I jump straight to ‘cock’. In a linguistic sense.

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