Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 4

I think we have our first wind machine *and* falling sparkles with Azerbaijan. Amy is having a crisis of confidence in her cultural references over at The Afterword. But she is a very smart lady and should not feel bad for not knowing about High School Musical.

I just realised I haven’t finished my lasagne and it really is cold now. Sad times. I’ll have to go and get an ice lolly in a minute instead. But you’re not here for the minutae of my life. You’re here for my opinion on Slovenia. Or maybe you stumbled here by accident; I apologise if so.

My flatmate in first year Laura always went on about how much she loves Slovenia as a country. Let’s see how their music measures up.

Dramatic piano music. Sparkly fringed dress paired with strange leather gloves. Got a ‘No Scrubs’ feel to it. Makes me want to do one of those sassy head wiggles/finger points.

Also why do so many of these countries speak English better than many actual English people. Without much of an accent?


So we had some lovely Jack-Johnson-style sounds from Iceland. They would do well with this song in the UK charts IMO. And Amy likes it too!

Right, so I’m on to Spain. My sister is visiting there in a few weeks, I am very jealous. I might go for tapas next week but it’s not the same.

Lucia Perez is singing ‘They Can’t Take The Fun Away From Me’. And it *is* very fun! The guys shimmying in the background make it *extra* fun! Again with the children’s TV presenter thing.

It’s interesting that Spain has such a colourful background and yet ex-Eastern bloc countries have lots of black. There’s got to be some pointless academic theory to throw at that. And that’s my favourite kind of academic theory.

On a not unrelated note, I want to go on holiday…


Ukraine appeals to my pretentious side by incorporating sand art. Amy likes the outfits.

A 60s throwback from the Serbian Nina. Her outfit is *very* Twiggy. I love it. I bought some white/cream tights earlier in the year but I always feel stupid wearing them. But this is persuading me back to them.

The background swirls are trippy. They’re making my eyes hurt. But they are the colours of my future kitchen.

Upbeat and catchy, but not a winner.


Georgia takes their cues from Evanescence and tries to induce epileptic fits. Amy gets the last word at the Afterword; go check out her predictions! 

My favourites are Moldova, Italy and Iceland. I know, I blaspheme by not saying UK. I also didn’t watch the Royal Wedding. *gasp*

My monies on Lithuania, Germany or Russia (it’s the R-Patz vibe). And I say this with no understanding of the European politics which influences voting.

On a not unrelated note, I wish I had some wine.


5 Comments on “Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 4”

  1. theafterwordreview says:

    Oh I know HSM. WELL. For the last year it’s been one of my top 5 in car CDs 🙂 it’s all the other stuff 🙂

  2. theafterwordreview says:

    when you say ‘lots of black’ is that meant to be racist?…

    • No! Just that it’s always seen as a bit depressing. You know, what with the Berlin Wall only just having come down and all. And it being cold. Always cold.

      Like the Northern city I am about to move to.


  3. theafterwordreview says:

    Awww 😦

    BTW I just got a LOVELY rendition of the rap from “Bring Me To Life” from Eric. HE hadn’t even seen your evanescence comment.

    Basically, we’re saying not Georgia. Moldova ftw!

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