Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 2

Sweden is determined to be popular; see what Amy has to say over at The Afterword (also why can I never come up with smart blog names like that. I’m going to employ her as my marketing person).

Estonia’s outfits make me so happy. So this is Getter Jaani with Rockerfeller Street. And it’s already reminding me of Avenue Q. How can people hate on the cheesiness of Eurovision when it brings me so much joy?

They know that the name Rockerfeller is more commonly associated with New York than London? What’s with the London Eye in the background?

This is very tween-pop/children’s TV/acid trip gone wrong.


Eep. Amy’s comments about the intensity that was Greece are here.

So Russia’s a big country. Should have lots of talent to choose from. And they’ve given us Alexej  – a wannabe Robert Pattison/Danny from Grease.

Apparently he’s worked with the producer who worked on ‘Poker Face’.

Synchronised dancing  JLS would be proud of. They’d be a good Eurovision entry, incidentally.

This is supposed to be a love song, but I’d be more likely to bolt than to swoon if he came near me.


Amy takes on the bookie’s favourite France here. Coincidentally, also my least favourite. But also sounds like it’s from Les Mis. Fitting. 

Oooo I get to do Italy. They’ve not been in it for 14 years? They must be worse than us! So we’ve got Raphael Gualazzi and Folia D’Amore/Madness in Love

Jazzy pastiche? Those two words were born to go together. 

OMG this is awesome! It’s like Italian swing music. And everyone knows I love swing. It’s the Italian Buble! 

And my language skills are terrible but to me it sounds like he’s singing in French. I’m showing my ignorance here. 

Brass instruments played like that make me melt. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I wish I had followed in Lisa Simpson’s wise footsteps and played the saxophone to make our similarities that much more acute. But that is off-topic…

I take back what I said about being worse than us. This is my favourite so far. Even if there has been no neon or glitter. 


2 Comments on “Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 2”

  1. theafterwordreview says:

    YEs! He DID look like R-Patz.

    Your posts are great – I feel like I’m learning whilst being horribly mean about strangers 🙂

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