Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – The Final

I thought you might like to know that I used the voting time to get an ice lolly. And to turn off my netbook charger, it’s important to save the planet people so that we can continue to enjoy such beauty as the Eurovision song contest.

I am literally on the edge of my seat. So that I don’t get Fruit Pastille lolly drips on my pyjamas. And according to Stefan we are reaching the climax. Oo-er.

Oh, I wasn’t the only one to mention the Berlin Wall tonight. Not surprised, but nice to know I wasn’t being tasteless.

I think Graham’s right when he says ‘relatively high standard of songs’. I’ve had a good time, I don’t know about you.

Anyway, here’s a quick fire round up of the voting:

  • Russia loves UK and Moldova! I like you crazy Russian Ali G.
  • OMG Bulgaria gave us 12 points! We might not fail miserably this year!
  • Could the Netherlands lady be any more stereotypical?
  • Italy love Moldova too! And UK! Takes us to no 1! I love that the countries which vote for us also vote for Moldova. That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  • Looks like the wind machine worked well for Azerbaijan. And Greece are more popular than I thought they would be…
  • Woo Jedward are moving up! Also I feel a bit Regina George in Mean Girls right now. ‘The better not win; we like, invented them, you know?’
  • Is this the best we’ve ever done? I suspect so. I wonder how one gets to be the Eurovision representative to read out the votes? That would be a cool way to spend a Saturday
  • I can’t even Ukraine? I’m going back over the notes to remember now… Oh yeah, the wanky sand people
  • We’re nothing if not predictable.
  • This bit always drags. Also none of my predictions are coming true and I hate not being right.
  • Not anything to do with Eurovision but I’m also looking at belts and you can buy a sparkly harness in the name of fashion? I’m not usually one to cringe at weird trends, but that is just odd.
  • They’re all singing now? That’s not what you’re employed for…
  • Can you tell I’m starting to lag. I’m becoming negative. That is because my pyjamas cannot save me from the after effects of a 12 hour day at work.
  • And we’re not winning anymore. I hate not winning just like I hate not being right.
  • The interviews are the most awkward bits.
  • I’m glad Italian Buble is doing better now.
Right, I am going to have to concede victory to my exhaustion and leave you now. I know it’s only ten minutes left but I have just almost knocked myself out by falling asleep!
Thank you to my lovely blogging buddy Amy who will be keeping up to date on her twitter I imagine.
Once again we do not win. But once again we all have a good time and see some awesome hats. A victory all round if you ask me. Which you didn’t.

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