Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 1

I can’t believe that I’ve got a blog old enough to be doing an annual blogging event. This year my partner in crime is sadly across the country but you can keep up with her comments here. She actually knows stuff about music so her coverage will probably be better.

I remember that girl being more gothy last year. Lena is it? They love her!

Anyway, my lasagne is getting cold and my Pimms is getting warm so I’m going to dive right in with Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Amy’s covered the first country Finland here. I wonder if Paradise is that guy’s real name. Also awwwwww! )

I think I’d like to go to Dusseldorf. It looks like fun. I also think Herzegovina is a great name for a cat.

So onto Dino Merlin and ‘Love in Rewind’.

Love love love that jacket. And her hair.

You can never go wrong with a tambourine involved, if you ask me. Except she’s not really making the most of it. Not like that guy with the guitar/ukelele style thing.

If all the music in Bosnia is like this I’ll bet they’re all walking round with a spring in their step. Unfortunately Bosnian history suggests that isn’t the case.

That was lovely 🙂


Check out Amy’s coverage of Denmark and their rip off of Jedward’s hair here.

So Lithuania for me. Evelina Sasenko with C’est La Vie.

Ooohhh, Graham Norton says it’s Andrew-Lloyd-Webber-stylee. I’m excited…

He was right! It’s a bit Wicked or Les Mis. This is a good thing, if you ask me. I love a rousing chorus. And a smoke machine.

I love the camera work on Eurovision. It’s all over the shop, kind of makes me feel dizzy but it keeps me on my toes.

Okay this girl is rocking my world with the sign language. Reminds me of ‘Imagine’ in Glee when people do that!

Could have had a slightly more emotional ending and a belted out final note a la Mercedes in Glee. But I like it 🙂 Can you tell I’m in a positive mood? It’s because I’m wearing pyjamas.


And now you’re expecting me to become negative because it’s my turn to blog and I’ve got Ireland and Jedward. But it’s not their fault that people are buying their singles? It’s the British public’s fault, so I will not hate. Just as I refuse to hate on Beiber or Rebecca Black, despite their less than … and Graham Norton says I’ll end up smiling.

(Check out Amy’s comments on the retro-pop sensation that was Hungary. Feel like I’ve heard that song before)

Gaga-stylee. Awesome jackets. They need the big hair to balance out the massive shoulders.

It’s very Eurovision. I feel like Jedward were born for this role. And they’re fulfilling it very well! I’m nodding my head along in a ridiculous way, which is a good sign.


One Comment on “Live-Blogging Eurovision 2011 – Part 1”

  1. theafterwordreview says:

    Lithuania – That song’s from Mulan!

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