I can’t be a feminist blogger…

… because I haven’t done a Women’s Studies class.

… because I haven’t read Judith Butler

… because I’ve never been on a march

… because I believe in feminist porn

… because I like to wear high heels and short skirts

When writing this blog I often get anxiety about how other people will view my writing. No doubt that is the case for many people who write, but this anxiety rears its ugly head most when I write about feminist things. Maybe because feminism is the topic closest to my heart, and so I want to get it right. But I think mostly because I don’t feel like I have any authority on the subject.

Most feminist blogs that I read are by super-smart, super-informed people who put me to shame. Most of the stuff on here is just my opinion, and a lot of the time I’m scared that someone will come along and tell me just how wrong I am. I’m afraid of offending people, or at least the good people, and of ignoring groups of people or ignoring my privilege or just being plain wrong.

Now, those probably seem like silly things to worry about in the scheme of things, but as someone who has lofty dreams of being a feminist writer some day they are important to me. I want to get this right. And I often feel like I haven’t got the experience or the authority to do that. Why would anyone want to read *my* feminist opinion when they could just hop over to feministing.com and get the real deal?

The list of reasons above is not just why I don’t always feel like a feminist blogger, but also why I don’t feel like a feminist. Disagreeing with strong feminist voices is hard (and yes, I know how whiny that sounds). I am still finding my feminist blogging voice and it’s surprising me how much courage it takes to just put it onto this tiny corner of the Internet where only two people a day drop by.

I know in my head that the reasons above don’t exempt me from being a feminist. I believe very strongly in feminist ideals and try to live a feminist life, and that surely is enough? I’m not trying to tell anyone else what to do here, so what’s the problem?


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