Laughing Like A Loon on Loon Tablets

I have been celebrating my freedom from essays this week by re-reading the Georgia Nicolson books by Louise Rennison. And catching up on the ones that have been published since my teenage years.

[Photo Source]

These books make me laugh out loud more than any other book ever has. Granted my literary tastes often lean more towards the ‘serious’ side of things but even so this is a high accolade.

And more than that, they remind me of school. They remind of what being a teenage girl in an all-girls school is like. Not because I was anywhere near as vivacious and interesting as Georgia, but because there are some things that it seems are universal. Like giving nicknames to cute boys, sitting on the radiator at lunchtime, coming up with strange dance routines, dissecting every little conversation and torturing teachers.

The madness of Georgia’s family is what makes me laugh the most, however. Her manic cats and her odd but lovable little sister Libby are brilliant comic creations that lift these books into ‘genius’ category. For me at least.

So if you have never experienced the brilliance of these books before I urge you to go out now and pick one up. And best of all, for all you recovering English students out there – you don’t have to engage your brain, analyse or take notes on them! And you can easily read a whole one in a day. So go forth and giggle my dear readers, I believe you will thank me for it.


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