I have recently been perusing a few fashion blogs, particularly The author lives in Paris and it just looks so idyllic and makes me long to be walking along Parisian streets in the sunshine in summery dresses, or sipping wine outside of a cute little bar, or getting lost once more in Louis Vuitton. Although, I would prefer not to get as lost as I did the last time I went to Paris with some friends a few years back! I swear, that place was a maze -there was an up escalator but no down!

[Photo Source]

It’s very easy to idealise Paris, it really does seem like the most romantic, beautiful city. Although I remember being far too poor to afford *anything*, so I guess it isn’t always so ideal. It was amazing walking back at night after, crossing the many roads around the Arc de Triomphe, all lit up against the dark sky.

I need to travel more, really. I don’t always like going to new places and being spontaneous, it makes me anxious because I’m a control freak and I *hate* being lost. But whenever I have been somewhere new I’ve always enjoyed it, so I should just suck it up really. Venice was equally beautiful, and I’d love to go there again, although after I’ve been to Rome. As a Classics geek it’s really a prerequisite to go and nerd out over the Colosseum.

[Photo Source]

Sadly this year all my spare money is going to pay for my education, but fingers crossed for a city break next year!


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