Feminism At Royal Holloway

I’m so excited about all of the awesome feminist events happening at Royal Holloway in the next couple of weeks.

I’m currently organising a feminist exhibition (like the one described on the Feminist Coming Out Day website) and a party with live poetry readings, music, speakers and a DJ to let everyone celebrate International Women’s Day in style!

And the next day is the first RHUL Feminist Society event; a debate on whether ‘Is feminism still relevant?’. The answer is of course yes, but there should be some interesting discussion going on.

Since I’ve been a feminist I’ve got most of my feminist discussion from the Internet. Which is awesome, of course because there are some fabulous feminists out here in cyberspace. But there’s something so brilliant about sitting around the pub chatting with people who you don’t have to persuade that feminism *is* necessary and no, it’s not hating men, and no, I’m not a hairy lesbian and even if I were what would be the problem with that, hmmm?

Royal Holloway used to be a women’s college. Emily Davison, the woman who was killed by the King’s horse during the suffragettes’ struggle all those years ago attended the college for a couple of years. The Royal Holloway colours are purple and green; the same incidentally as the suffragettes. I’m off tomorrow to the Archives to look at photos of women’s activism connected with the college. I’m so happy and proud that we’re bringing this back. Although it makes me sad that I’ll be leaving it all behind in a couple of months, I’m excited to see Royal Holloway becoming a real part of student feminism.


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