What She Said #4

From the fbomb again.

Two of the more socially acceptable, yet idiotic, terms are “Pro-Life” and “Pro-Abortion.” Let me just say this: is anyone PRO abortion? Who seriously sits around and is like, “You know what’s awesome…ABORTION! I think EVERYONE should get one!” The answer is no one…that’s just not what the debate is about. Similarly, I doubt that anyone involved in the abortion debate is Anti-Life. The debate is about CHOICE. So if all people were knowledgeable, terms like Pro-Life and Pro-Abortion wouldn’t be thrown around in intellectual conversation. Instead, the terms “pro-choice” and
“anti-choice” would be the more appropriate ones, because they are the ones that truly describe the two sides of the debate.

Seriously this makes so much sense it’s unbelievable. That last sentence is just *it*. Whatever it is. The thing is it’s so easy to manipulate people with terms like pro-life and it shouldn’t be allowed. Because the term automatically sets up non-pro-lifers as anti-life. SO NOT COOL. I am pro-choice. You are anti-choice if you are not pro-choice. That is the facts. Deal with the fact that you hate women. And men. And everyone. Own it.

 Thankfully we don’t have such a furore about reproductive rights in the UK, but Cameron was promising to reduce the deadline for abortions. I’ve said it before – no uterus/medical qualification, no opinion dammit! No doubt we’ll have the ‘think of the children’ brigade out as soon as that happens. I hope it doesn’t. I have better things to do than persuade all the Daily-Mail-Readers in my family that the fact that a foetus managed to grab a doctors finger one time does not mean that we can choose for someone else whether they have  a baby or not. You know, if they’ve been raped. Or would die. Or whatever their reasons is. It’s NOT OUR CHOICE. Which is surprising, given how pro-choice we are 😛


3 Comments on “What She Said #4”

  1. Courtney S. says:

    I have a Planned Parenthood sticker on the back of my car that says “Keep Austin Planned.” (It’s a play on the saying “Keep Austin Weird.”) Some douche yelled out his window at me the other day, “Does that mean you’re pro- or anti-abortion?” I wanted to give him a lecture on his terminology, instead I just yelled, “Pro, asshole!” ‘Cause, you know, I was driving. Safety first!

  2. Steven says:

    I feel compelled to comment upon this post. I would like to start by introducing myself, I am a doctor currently specialising in Obstetrics. I deal with abortion on a daily basis and see the human face and gritty reality of it all. I normally try to leave positive or at least constructive comments when reading other peoples’ blogs, however, in this instance I find your gross oversimplification of such an emotive, contentious and complex issue irresponsible and, considering I am male, very offensive. Firstly, I struggle to take an argument with the capitalised words “SO NOT COOL” seriously, especially as you portray your blog as a forum for intellectual debate. My personal opinion as to whether abortion is morally right or wrong is ultimately irrelevant, but what I do know is that every individual is entitled to an opinion, in spite of their reproductive organs. It is wrong to trivialise the male experience of abortion. I find it almost amusing that you dismiss the opinions of a) the male population, as irrelevant, and b) a high proportion of the female population who have both a uterus and an opinion contradictory to your own. Would you really look in the face of another human being with equal conviction, passion and intelligence as yourself to “Deal with the fact that you hate women. And men. And everyone.”? Maybe you need to deal with the apparent fact that you seem to hate everyone who has an opinion different to yourself.

    • amyliz1990 says:

      I’m sorry if you found this offensive, it was supposed to be a little tongue in cheek but maybe it didn’t come out that way. This post was not designed to cover all issues pertaining to abortion – and indeed I thought that was obvious. I am fully aware that it is an emotive subject, I know people who have had abortions or been offered them because of medical complication and refused them.

      In my opinion it is not cool to use words like ‘pro-life’ which twists what is an ‘anti’ movement into a positive thing. It sets up pro-choicers as anti-life, which is the complete opposite of what they are. I was trying to not copy exactly what the original posting said and as such decided to condense what is a fairly nuanced argument from the original blogger into just three words. I’m sorry if my attempt at not plagarising offends you.

      And what I am objecting to is not men having opinions about abortions but living in a world where decisions that affect women’s bodies and lives are made by a parliament that is predominantly male and who are acting purely for votes rather than what is actually best for their constituents.

      And no I would not say that to someone’s face. But I think they should think very hard about what they are advocating when they join the anti-choice movement. I would not say those exact words, again trying to be tongue in cheek and succint, but I would say something to that affect. Because I do think that it is hateful to women (and also to their male partners with whom they have conceived the child) to deny them that right to choose, to have that right to autonomy over their bodies and ther lives. It is incredibly selfish to inflict your moral views on others and if the film Vera Drake taught me one thing it is that abortions happen whether you like them or not. Whether they are legal or not. So you might as well be offended by them the whole time but not have people dying because of it.

      I am perfectly open to other people’s opinions but I cannot understand the anti-choice argument. Well, that’s not true – I understand where they are coming from but I cannot empathise with it at all. I myself would avoid having an abortion at all costs because personally I don’t think I could deal with having one, but I am lucky in that if I did find myself in that situation then I have a loving and supportive (and fairly well-off) family. That is not to say that there are no situations where I would have one, just that I would try to avoid it. But if someone else without that support network, or for whatever reason, wanted to have an abortion? I would never say they couldn’t. I would never shout at them when they tried to go to get one. I would never use sneaky tactics to stop them having one. And that is what the anti-choice movement does. Pro-life? Well how about the lives of the people who need the abortions? The name pro-life is misleading and untrustworthy and I stand by what I have said.

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