Live-Blogging Eurovision. Y’know, ‘cos we can

Right, so me and my bestie are watching Eurovision. And ‘cos this is my blog and you all obviously care so much about my opinion of everything (and the other Amy’s of course) here is what we’re thinking about Eurovision.

Azerbaijan – Safura, Drip Drop

Campness: 3.5 (upped my male…ballet…man)

Costume: 4. Amazing. Gay mermaid Michael Jackson.

Lyrics: 2.5

Performance: 3. Wind Machine. Classic

Actual singing: 3

Spain – Daniel Diges, Something Tiny

Campness – 2

Costume – 2

Performance – 4. Weird clockwork dancers. AND A MIME. ZOMG MIME.

Actual singing – 4

Norway – Didrik, My Heart Is Yours

Campness – 0. Disappointing

Costume – 2

Lyrics – 1. Bit of a fail.

Performance – 2 Actual singing – 1

Maldova – Sunstroke Project, Run Away

Campness – 5


Lyrics – ?

Performance – 5. See-through neon violin. Totally getting Kieran and Catherine one of those.

Actual singing – 3.5. Chooon.

Cyprus – John Lilypress and The Islanders, Life Looks Better In Spring.

Disappointing. Also, he was Welsh. Is this allowed?

Campness – 0

Costume – 0

Lyrics – 2.5 (average love song, blah blah)

Performance – 1. Cos the floor was see-through. It deserved a point.

Actual singing – 3.5/4. He was Welsh after all.

Bosnia and Herzogovina (sp?) – Vucasin Brajic, Thunder and Lightning

Campness – 3.5/4

Costume – 3 . A little Cheryl Cole with the red military jacket but it works.

Performance – 4. Mostly for effort.

Totally trying to be the Bosnian Placebo. Failing a little. But there was lunging!! Lunging!!


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