Live-Blogging Eurovision. Y’know, ‘cos we can #2

Belgium – Tim Dice, Me and My Guitar

Campness – 1.5. Guitar love-in.

Costume – 0.

Lyrics – No mark. You’ve seen the name of the song right?

Performance – 2. “Come on Oslo!”

Singing – 4.5

Serbia – Milan Stankovic, Ove Ja Balkan

The set nearly fell down. But good effort. I think I saw that set in Oedipus once.

Campness – 6. He came out of a box. I’m a bit behind on blogging and this seems to be a theme. They’re obviously sharing with us.

Costume – 5.

Lyrics – ?

Performance – 5. He jumped.

Singing – 3.5.

Amy J: It was awesome.


Female presenter is overusing her eyebrows. A lot. Stop it. I think they’re independent from her face.

Belaraus – 3 + 2 feat. Robert Wells, Butterflies

Campness – 4.5 – lots of eyeliner and gold. Oooo sparkles!!

Costume – 5. BUTTERFLIES!

Lyrics – 2. A little patronising.

Performance – 1. Mostly because of the butterfly wings. *want*

Singing – 4

Also, we’ve totally found the Iranian Noel from Hearsay. Yeah, he exists.

Ireland – Niamh Kavanagh, It’s For You

Campness – Overrall not much but her chest was just encrusted with gay.

Costume – 2.5. Amazing colour dress.

Lyrics – 3

Performance – 3. Panpipes! Wind machine! (see what I mean about sharing set?)

Singing – 4.5

Seriously, could Ireland have been any more stereotypical?

Greece – Giorgos Alkaios and “friends”, Opa!

Amy R: I think I danced on top of a table to this song in Zante…

Campness – 5.5. Open shirts. Oh man…

Costume – 4

Lyrics – 5. OPA! WOOOOOOO!

Performance – 4.5. The dancing is AWESOME

Singing – 4.

UK – Josh Dubovie, That Sounds Good To Me

Doesn’t sound good to us. Bad name choice, babe. You make us use these awful puns.

Campness – 5. But British camp. Subtle. No glitter. *sad panda*

Costume – 3.5. Only ‘cos of the girl’s skirts

Lyrics – 0. The only one whose native language is English and still can’t get it right.

Performance – 4. Surprisingly. Box and wind machine. And steps. Don’t hurt yourself babe. And give the other countries back their set.

Singing – 3.5. The final note hurt my ears.


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