Equality FAIL

campaign poster with photo of Theresa May and text reading Hello, I'm Theresa May, I voted: against repealing Section 28, against lowering the age of consent in homosexual relationships to age 16, against gay adoption rights, against Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill which would give lesbian couples the ability to seek fertility treatment. David Cameron has just made me the Minister for Equality. Sign the petition to have me fired.

Slow clap for David Cameron’s really awesome appointment for the new Minister for Women and Equality. It looks like Torygeddon is a reality and not just a threat anymore.

Not only is this going to be a reduced position, it’s also gone to maybe the worst person ever. Well, maybe not the *worst*. But still pretty bad.

You know, Dave, (Can I call you Dave? You did say I could!) just because she’s a woman and she’s worn leopard print shoes before does not mean that she is the right person for the job. I’m quite happy to take it if no one else wants it. Even with my scant political experience I think I’d do a better job.

I guess it just goes to show that if you ‘vote for change’ that’s not exactly what you get. Especially if you fucking well vote Conservative. The clue is in the name people, wake up.

I hope that these people get enough signatures on their petition to actually make their (and mine – I’m on there!) voice heard.

It makes me genuinely scared that it is so easy for the government to work to reverse any progress that has been made in the last 13 years. It wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine, sure, but I’m betting it’s not going to be that way with the Conservatives in charge either. Even less so.


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