Well as I sit here there are still 35 seats to be counted. Good thing I decided not to stay up until the end.

But it’s all rather exciting, isn’t it? Who knows what the rest of the day will bring. Still, a 5% swing to Tory is not something necessarily to be celebrated.

Also how the hell did the BNP get more votes than the Green party? Just, how?

I’m certainly no expert on politics, in any way but I will so not be happy if David Cameron becomes PM.

As Rosie put it yesterday, conservative and change are actually two contradictory words. And if the Americans can elect the more liberal of their two parties, how are we lumped with a regressive party? Not cool UK, not cool. We pride ourselves on being more progressive than them, most of the time, and whilst that may be stereotypical and borderline racist we can no longer sit on our high horse about their healthcare system, or well, about anything, if we are prepared to elect the party with the appalling voting record on gay issues and the man who wants to set reproductive rights back years. Now these may not be the most pressing issues that we as a country face, in fact I am certain they are not, but it just makes me want to cry that these people could well be in power in a few hours time. Or not, I’m a little uncertain as to our political processes.

Also, please can we have proportional representation? That would be awesome. Thanks. Although, maybe we should ban the BNP first because lord knows they shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near The House of Commons.


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