Glee Fail?

Now, as you can tell from the last post, you know I love Glee. It’s amazing. But there are moments where it fails a bit. And it’s disappointing in a show that tries to so hard to be all-inclusive and tackles such massive issues.

I almost cried when Mr Schue got angry at Terri. I understand why he was furious with her, but the way that he grabbed her was a hint at domestic violence that I was just not comfortable with.

And I take a bit of an issue with Kurt’s ongoing, stalkerish crush on Finn. He’s an amazing gay icon, and his struggle with coming out is dealt with very well. But I think it’s unrealistic that he would continue to pursue Finn when the likelihood of anything happening is nil. It plays into a stereotype and makes him a victim figure.

Also, why is it that the girls chose not to lose their virginity but Finn does? Because it’s a ‘big deal’ for a girl. The concept of virginity is outdated, heterosexist and sometimes a little creepy. And it’s an ideal forced upon girls, who are supposed to say ‘no’ if they want respect. I liked that Finn seemed a bit cut up about sleeping with Santana but there was still the conversation that the girls had, in which they agreed that ‘guys don’t care about their feelings’, and will pressure them for sex. For a show that had footballers dancing to Beyonce it wasn’t a very innovative take on virginity. I’ll reserve proper judgement to see where they take this storyline, but I’m not holding out hope.

But the thing that annoys me the most is that Becky Jackson, the girl with special needs, is a Cheerio that never is in any of the Cheerio routines. It’s massive lip service to being inclusive. Oh, and of course the actor who plays Artie isn’t actually wheelchair-bound. I hope that he was in fact the best person for the job and they auditioned people who were also in wheelchairs.

So whilst Glee is the best thing on TV. Ever. And even though they are breaking down boundaries and putting issues that desperately need airtime, they still need to be careful.


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