People mock me for being such a ‘gleek’. But there’s a good reason. I also like to watch 90210, but it’s nowhere near as good. Mostly because it’s vapid and shallow. But surprisingly addictive. But Glee is something more than that, I love how it tackles big issues in a brilliant way. There’s gender fuckery, feminism, body-acceptance, coming-out stories, disabilty awareness and teen pregnancy. So, top ten Glee moments for tackling prejudice (in no particular order)…

1. Artie’s ‘Dancing With Myself’. In fact, the whole episode where Mr Schue makes them go around in wheelchairs to realise what it’s like for him and how their willingness to let him go to Sectionals alone was unfair. Artie rocks.

2. Kurt’s audition for ‘Defying Gravity’. His macho-man Dad fights for his right to sing a ‘girl’s’ song and he is brilliant at it. It is the most-played song on my ipod right now. That is some inspirational stuff right there.

3. The footballers doing ‘Single Ladies’. Gender fuckery and Beyonce? Both good things. 

4. The massive piss-take of the celibacy movement in Quinn’s ‘Celibacy Club’. You know, the girl who gets pregnant. Awesome satire. ‘It’s all about the teasing, not about the pleasing.’

5. Tina’s feminist rant at Artie:

My eyes, are up here! I am a person with feelings, get out of my grill! I am a powerful woman, and my growing feminism will cut you in half like a righteous blade of equality!

6. The moment where Brittany reveals that she and Santana are sleeping together. I love the casualness of this moment, like it’s no big. Which it isn’t – but it’s nice that they used lesbian cheerleaders for humour rather than titillation.

7. The moment that Kurt comes out to his father. Beautiful.

8. The boys sing ‘What It Feels Like For A Girl’

10. Mercedes sings ‘Beautiful’ by Christina Aguilera. Had me in tears. In about two seconds.

So Glee is amazing, not just because Mr Schue is a hottie and the songs are amazing and it’s cheesy. It talks about issues that need some air time. Glee is about being all-inclusive, breaking down boundaries about taboo subjects, tackling issues with sensitivity, and having humour that doesn’t feel the need to use stale stereotypes about women/gays/other races/disabled people/anyone who’s different. Every time I think it can’t get any better, that there’s nothing else it can tackle but then I’m proved wrong. I doubt that you’ve lived your life without being aware of this cultural phenomenon but if you have – check it out!


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