Don’t Judge My Family

This is an AMAZING campaign based on David Cameron’s proposed ‘married couple’s tax allowance’.

If I ever needed another excuse to NOT vote Tory, this would be it.

Because marriage is NOT the only way to create a strong, stable family. Sure, it’s nice but a big party and a ring doesn’t stop one person leaving. Lena Chen has done this diatribe much better than I ever could, and although I want to get married eventually, mostly to be the centre of attention for a day and get lots of presents, I don’t want the government favouring (or not) my relationship over someone else’s. I have friends who come from all kinds of families, ‘broken homes’ and traditional nuclear 2.4 kids families, and none is more emotionally adjusted than the other.

J.K. Rowling has written about how it actually penalises the people who need the money the most, 1 in 4 children grow up in single parent families who are more likely to need a tax break. This is totally negating their economic struggles and not deeming them a proper family just because of the absence of one parent (potentially because of death).

And moreover, who is going to stay married for the sake of £150? If Cameron thinks that’s an incentive to stay in an abusive marriage, you know, for the kids, then he’s more delusional about the state of the world than I thought.

I mean, come on? And you just know, given the Tory’s voting rate on gay rights that the marriages he’s imagining are heterosexual. I’m reminded, since it is exam season, of Augustus’ marriage legislation all the way back in Ancient Rome. Tax relief and privileges for couples with more children and penalising women who were adulterous, including his own daughter Julia. Please tell me we’ve moved on more significantly than this? Trying to govern people’s private lives, especially now we live in a time we believe is liberal and accepting, is just not cool. There are so many different configurations of relationships which create families, and each is as valid as the other.

So fuck off Cameron, just fuck off.


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