What She Said #1

I’ve recently found Courtney’s blog and I just wanted to share this with you guys. She’s gone a bit of a tirade about the objectification of Amy Pond in Doctor Who. I couldn’t link to the whole thing here, it seems to have been an ongoing thing. But I thought you might find it interesting, I certainly did.

I’m a big Doctor Who fan. It’s accessible sci-fi. It’s about space but there’s no special terminology and you don’t have to be a diehard fan to get all the references. Plus it’s fast-paced and witty. All good things. I’m already enjoying the new series and I like Amy Pond – firstly she has the best name (!) and she’s smart and fiesty. But I hadn’t really considered the issue of the ‘male gaze’ in relation to her – I know there have been complaints about the over-sexualisation of this series but I figured it was all blown out of proportion by the Disgusted-Of-Tunbridge-Wells types. And I do think that the complaints probably do come from that department but Courtney’s criticism is a valid one. So check it out please and thank you.


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